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            There is no signal to say this one is, or that one is; he maybe, or he is for sure! The increasing numbers of men that are engaging in homosexual activity but also in relationships with women are increasing. The issue has always been in existence since times of past; what makes it an issue is that now women are finding the scattered pieces of the men that are participating and some are speaking out while others are in disbelief or a state of non-compliance with their own instincts and lay-down and settle for it.



Tuesday March 11th, 2014 while on Facebook ; a young man get a friend request from a lady. This not unusual for him as he accepts the request and moves on. Within seconds of accepting the request a message comes in from the same lady. The young man looks at the message to read: “Hello I have question for you.” “My Boyfriend is ____ and I want to know if you have been messing with my man?” The man looks over the profile of the lady and recognizes that he knows her man. To save all emotions from flying into a fury he replies to her, “No.” But on the other end of his thinking as a gay man he starts to feel a regret that this lady is wanting the truth for own safety and decides he has to let the truth out for all who want to know in his area about who is on what is known as “The Down Low” and sends a second response of “I can’t lie; Yes”.


Meet Charlie as known as Eros. Eros is a proud part of the gay community and life of any party in many communities alike. That Tuesday he sent a video posting over Facebook letting thousands nationwide know that he was going to tell who was on the DL that he had known of. Within minutes his friends request was filled. Women all over wanting to get their eyes fixed on who was going to be on that list.

“I couldn’t believe how many people actually paid attention to my page and its postings. That one posting let me know that there are people paying attention to what I have say or show them.” Truth is this was an amazing post to get the gossip and talk confirmed and the female communities jumped on it. But why was it so important now? So many years of this going on; why expose the names and actions? Was it an issue of hurt, revenge, or reconciliation?


Eros replied “Truth be told All of the above; but more so for the women that deserve to know what is going on. That these men are out here as masculine as they are but still are seeking to satisfy the side of them that wants men. They are gay.”



In 2004 J.L. King Author of the book “On The Down Low” sat on the Oprah Winfrey show to present the “A Secret Sex World : Living on the down Low”. In the interview J.L. admitted to living the DL lifestyle but denied being Gay. Claiming that find these men to get with; that he was not looking in gay bars or any other gay areas. He was finding his matches in singles bars, heterosexual clubs, and surprisingly enough the church…


J.L. says there’s a stigma that exists for gay men, and he doesn’t see himself that way. “I don’t want to get caught up in the whole gay culture because people look at gay people as being less than a man, that you are this sissy … this less than,” he says. “The greatest taboo is to be black and homosexual, and I refuse to be labeled and classified as this character.”

J.L. says men in the black community who come out and say, “I’m gay and proud,” are treated differently. “All of a sudden I become: ‘Oh, I want you to meet my gay friend, J.L. I want you to meet my gay brother, J.L. I want you to meet my gay father, J.L.,'” he says. “I don’t want that.”

But I ask; because you do not want the negative reactions and you go through with the acts; does that qualify you as gay? I myself say YES it very much does! But the dangers in the release of information can have hazardous results. Eros went on to say; “There are women out the who are needing to know to be aware of what is really going on. They have no clue of what the men out there are doing and bringing it back to home. There are also women who do know or have a suspicion of activity and they ignore all the signs just so they will not be alone.” So if there are women who are ignoring the fact that they have a suspicion, this points out how much more than denial; more over so a self abuse to their own mental being that they inflict on themselves. “If you have to ask me if your man is gay or on the DL with me or others; what should that be saying to you?” says Eros. “These women ignore the obvious they refuse to act on suspicion just to have Man.” MASCULINITY MEANS NOTHING!

After minutes to hours of replies to the Posting of Eros’s Blast list. His page had been reported to Facebook by those in fear of postings of names and those who did not want that list to be involved with themselves. Facebook blocked the post for a few hours; only to release it because it was on his page and he did not single out any of those that reported the post or commit anything wrong. Later he made a video from Las Vegas out of the way of his home area The Quad Cities where things are in a massive debate and frenzy over this LIST. “ I still have plans of writing a tell all book; and starting my own video blog area. I did this to help these women and other young gay men to be able to be aware and come out and speak.” “So many issues, STD Awareness, Man sharing not just with other women but among the gay communities as well.” He went on to say; “I don’t care about those women who knowingly accept and have no care about their own lives.” He claims this was done as a service of responsibility.


There is no easy way to take on this topic for some. But for me there is no way around it; If you are participating in homosexual activity; Point Blank your GAY! Does that make me fear them? No. But it does make me fear that more than one of these men is spreading increasing chances of the spread of STD among women who have a right to know. The only way for this Blast list to have been avoided would have been for these men to come clean. But we also must realize that not all communities are going to react in an accepting manner. Also the threats of harm to Eros and other gays DL or not.


“I have always disliked the Quad Cities because there is nothing there to give any opportunities. So Vegas is a fresh start with promise.” “I’m not worried about anyone coming to get at me; because then they will be exactly where they are longing to be in the first place; comfortable with a bunch of men in prison!” says Eros.


Know that this was not put together for a name drop session; to see that you can check out the link provided (HERE). I urge that people get involved with your mate enough to know any and all things; if you have questions and suspicions react responsibly. We urge you to leave your comments below. Until next time. Peaceful Journey.  


The Dr.Roqs National Night Life Review Welcome to Davenport, Iowa

The Dr.Roqs National Night Life Review Welcome to Davenport, Iowa.

Racism is still very much alive in Davenport, IA. One young man was asked to leave a club in downtown Davenport after a drunken patron assaulted him by putting her hands on his photographic equipment, without cause. After he asked her to remove her hands from the camera, she proceeded to continue to assault him by keeping her hand over the lens of the camera. When he pulled the camera from her grasp, her boyfriend decided to jump in and escalate the situation. After being told by a member of security to stay calm and move to the other side of the club, he was then approached, approximately 17 minutes after the initial incident, by two other members of security and told to leave. Their reason? Because he “assaulted that white woman and white man”. 

The Dr.Roqs National Night Life Review Welcome to Davenport, Iowa

The New Malarkey’s or is it the same old Shenanigan’s                                                          November 9th, 2013

By: Ty Wayne Fouse


      With the Summers end and Fall taking it’s course; this is when the mingling increases in venues of entertainment for those who want to enjoy themselves after a hard week of work. Let’s not forget the people that take vacations and are banking on a good time for wherever they may be heading.

       Davenport, Iowa is one of many Midwest attractions with a historic appeal; and one of the best pub selections to gather and have a great time. I recently received an inviting email to visit a location “The New Malarkey’s” formerly known as “Shenanigan’s” that has history for me of being one of the best places to meet, have drinks with friends and enjoy the dance selections thought the night. Operations has been changed due to the recent closing; and Malarkey’s which was based across the Mississippi River in Rock Island’s District in the state of Illinois; has taken over.

        Upon first look of the outside structure none of the signs had been changed; but that was a minor thing for me being that I know of the former name. Now if I had been a tourist, or new to the area my only guess that this was the spot would have been the crowd of smokers and club goers gathering outside. Entering the building the security door man showed his presence with a greeting and his blessings to have a good time with an ID check. As I made my way in; I immediately notice the remodeling of the bar area; by removing a section of wall near the establishments window made was an improvement to give an expanded club environment. This was a plus to me allowing access two ways to the dancing area.


New Remodeled area, allowing more than a one way flow of traffic.

             I must admit it felt good to come in and see the local atmosphere was having a good vibe flow; and I was greeted with much love by the people partying all around.


WLLR’s radio personality Chris Michaels

                 Bar tending Staff was a plus on the drinks; I had a Rum ‘N’ Coke no ice; and it was just right. I’m not much of a drinker; but I do know when a bar is going light on the beverages. Drink specials are priced for that great pour. I took a trip to the DJ Booth to see the same sound system; DJ TwoTone is Back on the decks with the dancers groovin’ to early 2005 music. I said to myself “Yep your back in Davenport!” Now let’s not get it twisted; I’ve heard DJ TwoTone Play Hot SETS! But this is Davenport; Iowa and the owners at clubs are usually scared to let DJ’s work their craft with diligence. Yes they are censored and restricted; So if you want to twerk; Baby Got Back; or Yeah! by Usher is what your gonna get.


DJ Two Tone on the NS7 Spinning .

            Through all the shout outs and greetings I received from the folks of Davenport some friends and some family as I gathered my pictures for this review; A FULL CASE OF ACTUAL DRUNK SHENANIGANS and in my own words I call it what it is; IGNORANCE meets Professionalism. This happens: (SEE Picture Below) .


          Please feel free to move the pic up and down to see that someone has grabbed my camera. (Notice Flesh tones). I tell the young lady let go of my equipment. She asks “Whats all these pictures for?” She is not staff; I tell her “Let go of my camera” and pull my equipment by the trigger grip out of her hand. Her Male company Starts in furious yelling. I walk away no comments; I am on this review; avoiding any chance of damages to my equipment and more importantly myself. Security Staff removes the entourage because they refuse to calm down. I am on the opposite far side of the club and Many of the People inside the club let them know to not start any problems with me; and I thank you Davenport for your immediate support you all knowing my character. Staff security comes to where I am 7 minutes later stating that I have to leave. I ask “For what avoiding a confrontation?” with the support of Many. The first guard says Ok cool; you can stay just keep cool. I tell him “No Worries” I just want my review.


           10 minutes later No Problems; 2 new security guards come and tell me I have to leave; Because I assaulted the White Man and the White Woman. People Yes; I am in shock! The Staff Played the race card on me. No doubt about it in my Twenties I would Tear the Club up and I was charged with assault or even battery. Off to jail; But not this time. (Because That Did Not Happen) I’m upset that they could not have just said MAN or WOMAN. No use making a scene and arguing; I left knowing that the power of Press is in my corner. And the Staffs Points Just left out the window for that. People let it be known we can come together all we want but in Davenport; Iowa you are partying  with Jim Crow. That’s exactly why Davenport, Iowa can not have any progression in areas of urban relations; even among people of ethnicity… People The New Malarkey’s is nothing more than a exploiter off the facts that you have no choice in variety. As long as they throw you a bone and you take bones you’ll go nuts over a doggy treat AKA removal of a wall.

S/O to the People; I was okay with leaving. We will have plenty of other times to get together. Stay Peaceful.




2012: AllHipHop’s Top 50 In Underground Hip-Hop!

Need an update here. I enjoyed this post.

Gospel Musical Benefit for Dottie Fouse


Gospel Musical Benefit Concert

Celebrating Dottie Fouse Battling Colon Cancer

Location: Rock Island High School Auditorium

1400 25th Avenue, Rock Island, Illinois

Date: Saturday May 18th, 2013

Time: 6 PM CST

Admission: $10

Tickets May be purchased in advance by contacting the following

Eugene Taylor


Vera Branch


Janet Woods-Bragg


Tickets may also be purchased at the Rock Island High School Office.

Donations can be made to Dorothy Fouse benefit @ ANY Ascentra Credit Union.


Dorothy Ann Fouse


Your contribution would help Ann’s cause a lot. Ann, also known as Dottie, Missionary, Evangelist , Fouse or Sister Ann, many of the Rocky student calls her ‘Ms F’.  Ann is the little sister to Vera Branch of Moline and Eugene Taylor of Davenport. She has two children living with her, a son 16 and a daughter 11. Ann has fostered many children in her home over the years and also has been honored by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.


Miss Fouse was diagnosed with Stage three Colon cancer seven years ago. Her cancer has come back; and it in the last stage. She has struggled since February, and by the Lord’s grace and blessings, she is still with us.


Miss Fouse has worked for six years at Rock Island High School in Security. Prior to Rock Island High School, she was a nurse in Iowa City. Miss Fouse is well known in the community and has touched a lot of lives.

The Festival will be held at Rock Island High School on May 18, 2013. Due to her inability to work, this benefit program would be a great blessing for Ann and her children: as well as, a great way for you to enjoy praising the Lord in songs and music.


She is a member of Mt. Olive Church of God In Christ where she had the opportunity to give a Word from the Lord, as well as other Churches in the QC.


We praise God for everyone who has taken the time to show so much love already, and we say “THANK YOU and MAY GOD BLESS YOU”